Thanks Jasem! I pulled the kstar GIT source, compiled and tested using my mount and guide simulator.

Looks Good!
2018-12-04T20:48:25 Please wait until mount completes rotating to RA (22h 35m 28s) DE ( 89° 57' 15")
2018-12-04T20:48:30 Mount first rotation is complete.
2018-12-04T20:48:30 Settling...
2018-12-04T20:48:40 Capturing image...
2018-12-04T20:48:51 Image received.
2018-12-04T20:48:51 Starting solver...
2018-12-04T20:48:54 Solver completed in 3 seconds.

I'll give it a full test in the field when the clouds part. Being in the US Midwest it may be a while as Nov/Dec are the cloudiest months here.

Again, thanks and best regards,