I have a mostly configured controller using a mix of Rob's script and some manual work. It's hooked up to my mount, focuser and two ZWO cameras and being accessed via realVNC Viewer from inside the house. I used the X11VNC Server which Rob's script sets up nicely. Weather is still mostly cloudy here at the moment so no actual Astrophotography work has been done yet.

My attempts to build both Kstars and phd2 were locking up the box for some reason once I got past some prerequisite installs.
I did a "sudo apt install kstars" and that appeared to get me to the point of having a functional Observatory control box. I wasn't able to install phd2 as it wanted a newer version of a library than was readily available. I use the built in guider so PHD2 was just to see what worked. I may revisit that at some point for the learning exercise.
The Uitilty scripts are not available for some reason, I was looking forward to some automation on the fixing of names for USB serial devices.

So far the T95 max boxes look like they could do the job in a pinch but have been difficult to get the install setup on and other's have pointed to some more powerful alternatives which may be better suited as an alternative to Raspberry Pi's.