I've made a start on doing some documentation for the ODROID-M1 GPIO's in the format used for the ESP32 @ randomnerdtutorials.com/esp32-pinout-reference-gpios/It's a work in progress but there does not appear to be a single reference document for the M1, to find the capabilities I was looking at posts on other topic's (and often other ODROID models).I've also placed an order for my 3rd version of a HAT for the M1 GPIO's after discovering some wrong assumptions (only a single 1-wire channel, PWM limited to 3 pins one of which is the default for 1-wire) in earlier versions.

Assuming no more incorrect assumptions the HAT should give me a two channel DEW controller with active dewpoint monitoring and temp monitoring from under the heater straps along with stepper motor control for focuser and camera rotator on the HAT.I did some preliminary testing with a DFROBOT Multifunctional Environment sensor using I2C (UART is an option) and was getting back readings from it's range of sensors. It has Temp, Humidity, air pressure, Ambient light and UV light sensors on board. I'm hoping that I can use it for some sky quality monitoring as well as dewpoint.

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