wotalota replied to the topic 'Unable to connect to ZWO CCD' in the forum. 3 months ago

I don't recognise INDO perhaps it is INDI? As you say indiserver should be installed: ls -l /usr/bin/indiserver.
I had assumed connect the camera directly meant connect a usb cable directly between the miniPC and the camera, not via Pegasus UPB to rule that out.

I have had similar symptoms with the ASI camera, but having difficulty remembering specifically how it got resolved.
Sometimes the linux USB assignment seem to get hung up in some way. I assume you have rebooted the miniPC.

Then I would define a new Ekos profile with minimal equipment and disconnect the usb cables for the unused equipment. Perhaps just the mount and the camera. Reboot miniPC and see if the camera comes up. If it does add back in the removed peripherals.