wotalota replied to the topic 'Unable to connect to ZWO CCD' in the forum. 3 months ago

Do not have anything of much use to suggest. Can you determine if the CCD driver starts up and runs prior to attempting to connect to it? Is it failing to start, crashing when attempting to connect or just siting there unresponsive? If you still have the terminal connected or can ssh over to the miniPC:
ps -ef | grep indi to see if it is running.

Anything of interest in the KStars or indi logs?
Not familiar with webmanager but running the indiserver directly one can have it generate a log file.
Is it required to run the Pegasus for some reason, are you still connecting the camera through it. If for power, you could test the camera without the cooler. For the mount you could use a simulator. Just try to get recognised connecting to different hubs and a reboot.