It appears to be a somewhat parallel effort to the Rolloffino but for ASCOM. An ASCOM driver plugin, an Arduino sketch using a matching protocol and a commercial controller such as a gate opener. You could take the Rolloffino driver code as a guide or basis for INDI and ask the RRCI author if he could provide one for the RRCI. The communication protocol would be made to match what the RRCI Arduino sketch uses.

Alternatively you could directly use the Rolloffino driver and its matching Arduino sketch along with the same commercial controller. There is some customization of the Aruino sketch needed to define the pin assignment you chose to use wiring up the relay and sensors. Depending on how comfortable one is modifying and loading sketches, help is available. The sources are still at I hope at some point to get them into the INDI 3rdparty area. Because I have not yet figured out how to get the HTML sub-directory to display in its finished form in github the following is just a short cut link to the overview doc at

Under > Devices > Domes some of the other available INDI roof drivers are outlined.