You do need to build on a Raspberry Pi.
I have not tested with Stellarmate only with KStars/Ekos and ubuntu running on a Raspberry Pi.
Follow the Rolloffino INSTALL directions and run the build on a Raspberry Pi. It will create the files listed at the end of the directions.

- /usr/bin/indi_rolloffino The driver executable
- /usr/share/indi/indi_rolloffino.xml Identifying the roof driver to Ekos.

If you do the build on Stellarmate it will attempt to write them directly. If you built elsewhere on some other Raspberry Pi they would need to be copied to the Stellarmate machine.
So it is not the kind of install that will be modifying libraries and such, adding a couple of files should not harm anything. If in Stellarmate's Ekos profiler you do not see Rolloffino added as an option under Domes, it indicate the above .xml file did not get to the correct place.

Anyone know if there is a problem with these assumptions??