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Hi Kakzorek
Many thanks for the prompt reply.
It is my intention to eventually replace the remote windows computer with the RPi directly connected but before I take that step I need to try out EKOS. Therefore I’m attempting to to control the Paramount, QSI and FocsLynx from the RPi.
Maybe I’m being too ambitious?


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Can you help?
Currently I'm remotely imaging using Windows 10 running VNC, TSKYX and CcdAutopilot5 using a Paramount MX, QSI 683 CCD and Focuslynx Focuser. I use TPoint Protrack to guide.
My aim is to replace the Windows 10 and CcdAutopilot5 with a Remote Raspberrypi running Astroberry Server (Ekos) and TSKYX for RPI with all equipment directly connected. Currently I'm experimenting with a Rasperrypi 3 B+ running Astroberry Server and attempting to connect from the RPi to the Remote equipment to try out Ekos. I have successfully connected to the remote Paramount on TSKYX through TCP on Port 3040 but Im having no success getting the remote QSI CCD and Focuser connected.

I find Astroberry Server on the RPI the ideal solution to my plans but can't get any further having tried many different connection possibilities. Can anyone point me in the right direction

Many Thanks