Recently I've noticed some rather annoying behavior with my setup (4GB Pi 4, StellarMate OS 1.5.8). The system will appear to freeze, but not quite. It just gets really, really, really super-slow to respond. For example, I might hover my cursor over the application icons in  the menu bar to switch to the system file manager, but the highlight doesn't appear. But if I leave it there for 30-40 seconds, the UI responds. Likewise I can click, and half a  minute later the selected application minimizes or comes to the foreground as appropriate.

I am running VNC over the built-in WiFi hotspot. The program "top" in a terminal window shows load averages around 0.6, nothing maxing out the CPU, though KStars frequently jumps to the top.

The weird thing is that I can often provoke this behavior at will -- all I have to do is bring up the KStars window. If I leave it minimized, the system just hums along. I noticed it particularly after I turned on the HiPS All Sky Overlay once, but it still seems to occur once I eventually managed to turn it off (at 40 seconds per click!). I have had slowdown problems previously but I only saw this start to happen after I turned on the "independent window" setting for Ekos, so that I could, in fact, minimize the KStars window and just use Ekos.

Is this a known issue? Are there other workarounds besides "minimize KStars the moment you bring up Ekos and don't touch it again?" I haven't tried resizing the KStars window, nor stopping the KStars clock (I'm not sure how that interacts with Ekos's notion of what time it is, which is kinda important for telescope control!)

I'm running profiles with PHD guiding almost exclusively.