Using the control panel (:3000), I can select "Direct Ethernet" as a networking option. Currently my SM (1.5.8) is set up to use a WiFi network if available, or stand up its hotspot if not.

I would like to make use of the direct ethernet option, but I'm a little concerned about the results if I push the button and then fail to connect for some reason. I can of course plug the Pi into a display, keyboard, and mouse to get access to the desktop, but how would I unroll the direct ethernet setting from there?

I would like to have all three options available, although I certainly don't need them simultaneously. But a little more direction on going back and forth would be most welcome.

Also, I pushed the "Backup" button on the control panel, expecting to see a dialog appear, but of course it just merrily went ahead and did a backup. To...where? My Pi boots off an external SSD, if that helps.

Thanks for your help!