Andrew Burwell created a new topic ' SQM readout on the Weather/Dome tab of EKOS' in the forum. 9 hours 22 minutes ago

Would like to see the SQM readout on the Dome/Weather tab. There's plenty of room, and this is an ideal place for it so that you don't have to open the INDI control panel to see it.



Andrew Burwell replied to the topic 'Side-by-side with 2 Moonlite focusers....?' in the forum. 2 days ago

I seem to remember someone else with a dual setup, and they used two StellarMates. One to control one telescope setup plus the mount, and the second to control the other telescope setup only. You will loose a frame on the second one during the meridian flip, and not 100% sure how dithering works with two. Maybe someone else can chime in who's actually done this. :)


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I'm pretty sure (95%) I had that unchecked. And stopped using the feature because calibration would trigger after the flip. I use the scheduler, so not sure if it has anything to do with that. I would have to test again to be positive. But I went through several nights of this issue, and gave up on unguided because guiding would turn back on always after the flip. It seems if the scheduler is the master, and guiding is off, it shouldn't "turn on" with a slew.


Andrew Burwell replied to the topic 'New Internal Guider Features' in the forum. 2 days ago

This comment isn’t directly related to the new features, but is related to something you mentioned about recalibration. This has caused me problems in the past when NOT guiding. I use non-guided dither pulses, with no guiding on my 10Micron, but after meridian flip, it triggers a recalibration even though I have guiding off, and tries to guide again without dithering since it does not work with non-guided dither pulses.

So I often guide, even though it can make things worse with a 10Micron that doesn’t need correction. Just some extra info to help make an informed decision on recalibration.

Thanks for your work, I will definitely give multi-star a try. Will multi star eliminate the effects of seeing possibly? Does it average out the movement of all the stars?


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This is really awesome. I would definitely fund a driver for a piece of equipment I had. Would this also work for feature requests? Lots of wanted features. :)


Andrew Burwell replied to the topic 'Help For INDI Website' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Jasem, I think this is some good content for the home page, and explains quite well what the INDI system is, what clients are, and what hardware is supported. So this answers lots of questions for most users right up front.


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Is there any reason you wouldn't want to run this all the time?


Andrew Burwell replied to the topic 'Kstars and Windows 10' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Kstars will run on Windows 10, but you would still need a Raspberry Pi, Linux or Mac machine connected at the scope running INDI Web manager to broadcast the drivers to your Windows Desktop.


Andrew Burwell replied to the topic ' Offline Solving in macOS Catalina 10.15.5' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Awesome info. Also, super cool image with the Mac mini on top. I would love to do that, but am currently using a Raspberry Pi and remote imaging on my desktop Mac inside the house. I really hope Apple makes an Apple TV sized device as a new Mac mini with their custom chips. I would buy a bunch of those for different applications including imaging.


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Platone wrote: Allright I removed the Industry section, so this is named "manufacturers", which includes features for both manufacturers and developers, in fact when you visit that link it shows the Developer section with the old new layout.
I can't change the dark aspect because was in project and it would take a long time to change the overall layout.
I also added the project section but there's actually nothing there, just because I need a specific article category for users' projects. There's the need to publish a section where users write their projects or experiences with INDI powered instrumentation, in Articles and Projects respectively.

The reason I separated out developers, is I was considering people contributing to INDI and INDI clients like KStars/EKOS separate from Manufacturers which might only supply INDI drivers or spin off their own branded version clients.

So I thought the messaging for those two groups would be different. The reason you might contribute as a developer would be to incorporate a new feature you want or have knowledge in, but a manufacture has different motivations. Though some parts of their nav could contain the same or similar information, like developing drivers, which any normal dev could contribute to.

I think for any section where there's not sufficient information we just leave it out for now. So my nav is just a suggestion of the things I think should be in there.


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I just got the same RST-135, which I plan on using with a StellarMate when traveling. Can you please tell me what settings are important for the mount on the hand controller, and what settings are important in KStars/EKOS? How do you set the meridian flip? Dose the mount inform KStars/EKOS of GPS location, time?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Andrew Burwell replied to the topic 'Help For INDI Website' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

OK, I've had a few hours to think about it. Here's what I have for home page and main navigation. Note on the navigation. Some sections could be duplicated to other sections (where I've listed an item under two drop downs). In some cases, it would be pertinent to have that duplicate section contain different content specific to that persona. So, this is merely an outline. I also put the navigation into an order based on who I estimate to have the largest portion of traffic. So Individuals came right after What is INDI. They'll be using the site the most, and need more navigation options than other sections.

Home Page messages:

  • What is INDI, What does it do, Why would I want it?
  • Each section could have a bulleted list answering this for all personas (End users, Developers, Equipment Manufacturers, and Research institutions.

  • Latest News

    Gallery showcasing recent images
    Gallery showcasing equipment setups
    Gallery showcasing INDI projects or clients

    Main navigation

    What is INDI
    INDI is…
    INDI Features
    INDI Components
    Supported Platforms
    Current Contributors
    Supported Hardware Vendors
    Donate to INDI

    What is INDI
    What is an INDI system (ie combining software + hardware)
    INDI Hardware (ie Stellarmate)
    Roll your own Hardware (Raspberry Pi + Astroberry, Stellarmate OS, etc)
    Supported Astronomy Equipment
    INDI Clients
    KSTars / EKOS

    Research with INDI
    Observatories using INDI (Submit observatory on page)
    Articles (Submit articles on page)

    Equipment Manufacturers
    What is INDI
    Supported Platforms
    How to get Involved
    Writing Drivers (submit a driver on page)
    Writing Clients

    Supporting INDI
    How to get started
    Developer Resources
    Writing Drivers
    Writing Clients