Just as a heads up, I have some changes in my repository (master branch) which I haven't yet pushed to libindi.

    - Weather support for setting temperature/humidity/pressure, values will be overridden in OnStep by any sensor values. 
    - Ability to swap primary focuser. (This will change which one is listed in the focuser lists, and supports future focusers based on OnStepX plans)
    - High precision on location, and not overridding GPS even when marked for Mount > KStars.
    - Added Rotator & De-Rotator Support  
    - TMC_SPI status reported (RAW) on the Status Tab. (ST = Standstill, Ox = open load A/B, Gx = grounded A/B, OT = Overtemp Shutdown, PW = Overtemp Prewarning) 

The 3rd one, involved some changes to lx200 adding a flag, thinking that TeenAstro could use it as well, but apparently the slightly different high precision commands were added after the fork. As such, I am undecided on leaving it as is, or pulling that and doing a purely OnStep version (leaving the base lx200 alone.)

If people can test, especially people with de-rotators, I'd appreciate it.

Copying my old todo:
1. Changing the MaxRate replacement (degrees per sec)
Question on this: Would people prefer a settable 50-200%, as Degrees per sec, or the 50,75, 100, 150, 200%?
2. Intervolometer support
(Might be a priority, simply because I have some D5100s, and if I could trigger them as well as the main one in Ekos, that'd be handy until the Ekos/Kstars Imaging train gets done.)
3. Focuser Changes
4. Dew heater
5. Weather support. (Read BME280/etc)
6. Tangent arm support (Plate solve then adjust?)
7. Check backlash values (Changed to allowed to 3600)

8. DC Focuser support (Not sure if that works already or not?) Might need someone who has one to help with this.
9. TMC_SPI reporting support. (I got one for testing, and finally went to put it in on this cloudy night. I unfortunately missed the: You have to have both axis be SPI if one is, so this will be working at some point, but when is a big question. Oops.)
10. Equivalent of MoveAxis support to allow for following satellites. (Kstars issue more likely than OnStep directly, as the custom rates are added in, but Kstars doesn't have a way to send the rates/information, AFAIK)
11. PEC Import/Export