Given your changes, I'd like you to look at the own-goto branch as it now has the changes so there should be NO status set from base classes. So it should be only update by our update, and should be consistently reported, and avoid the TrackState IDLE after a park.

I apologize for being quiet, and stepping on your toes about it, but I think it's actually a better solution. Unfortunately a lot of that delay was me upgrading and various changes. (Mostly related to me compiling things outside the package manager, and forgetting, plus resolving what turned out to be insofar as I can tell, a bit error on my SSD. (I don't think I've knowingly encountered that ever on a HDD, but might have if it's in data that's not processed by computer.)

The one change that I don't have in that branch is the Focuser hiding, but that seems to be pretty simple to add back in.

Unfortunately, KStars/Ekos does not pull directly from TrackState, so that didn't resolve the mount model issue. However, digging into it, it relies on EqNP's status as part of the Update using the TrackState. I've added updating that to the section after TrackState, so that should always be good as well. So finally solved? (Maybe.)

So far in my testing, That has eliminated all IDLE states when it's not actually idle except the very initial connect, and so far all instances of the Mount Model taking an instant photo. (Using an OnStep board, and CCD simulator, so that's limited testing and of course things are supposed to be not conducive to testing in the real world for a bit. ) So I think all of that is fixed, but not 100%. I do know in one case with TrackStateSP, there's something lower down that wants to modify it if slewing, so I had that only update if SCOPE_TRACKING to be on.

Anyway, Sorry for going quiet, now trying to catch up on some more things. (So I may be quiet again for a few days.)