Take a look at the code in the branch, I think I left the old call commented out. I added a few functions (which touch indi base) which is partly why I delayed until after 0.9.2, but reduce timeouts and build on those in OnStep. I think it's getCommandStringorSingleCharResponse (Which is similar to two others but a bit different)

With all of that, it reduces it from 5 sec to 0.2 sec. (Though I'm not sure where the 5 sec timeout is, as I recall before I started playing OnStep was 2 & lx200 was 3 sec?) So reduces the update rate with 50 (ms) polling (usually takes ~100ms + the polling rate) to about 2-3 a sec.

One of the VERY NICE things about OnStepX is with something like EpoxyDuino, it can actually be run as a process on a Pi. (Right now I don't have it working quite yet with INDI, (which was due to EpoxyDuino's serial handling) but the timing needed for OnStep is within the capabilities of a Pi or Hopefully a PiZero.) Right now it will compile with some modification of EpoxyDuino, but all I can get is some debug, I can't seem to communicate with it.