Roger replied to the topic 'Astroberry Server - wlanconfig' in the forum. 8 months ago

Dear Radek,

I freshly generated a SD card and boot my RasPi with it.
I am now having a question regarding wlanconfig.
I can connect to the astroberry server with my Android tablet and Firefox.
I followed the procedure to install the security certificates.
Now I want to connect it to my WiFi network using wlancofig.
wlanconfig first ask for admin password where I entered astroberry. It then comes up with a dialog with a network and a password field.
I am only allowed to enter something into the password field. The Network field seems to be locked.
Do you have a short description on how should I connect the RasPi to let's say SSID myWiFi with password xyz?

Thanks in advance


Roger created a new topic ' WLANCONF not working as expected' in the forum. 8 months ago

Dear Radek,

I freshly installed astroberry and I can connect to the astroberry network with my Samsung tablet.

When I am running the WLAN config utility I can only enter something in the password field. The network field is blocked from entries.
When I click OK I am getting the info that I need to enter network and password.
Is it correct that I use wlanconf to connect astroberry to my home WiFi network?
Do you have a short description on how I would connect to let's say SSID: "myWiFi" with password: "xyz"?
I did not chnage any astroberry setting
Thanks in advance.



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