Nuno Gameiro created a new topic ' Auto meridian flip issue' in the forum. 4 years ago


I'm trying the INDI / Kstars / Ekos in simulation mode before doing a full install on the observatory PC.
I'm using the CCD simulator and EQMOD (in simulation mode).
So far, the only problem I have is the automatic meridian flip. The Log shows that the auto-meridian flip is started, the sequence is interrupted, but the mount doesn't slew.

After a while, the log shows:
"The meridian flip of the telescope has timed out. Please make sure your mount supports the Meridian Flip."

And then:
"Retrying meridian flip again ..."
But nothing happens.

I've also tried the Telescope simulator, but it's the same.

I know from other users that the problem happens with other "real" mounts, which indicates that the problem is not by using the simulator.

Any idea ?
Thank you