Angelo Franck replied to the topic 'Customized sounds for Ekos' in the forum. 5 months ago

porkyhttp wrote: You have to activate the RUN COMMAND and not PLAY SOUND

I just tried also by enabling "PLAY SOUND" and inserting the following command:

ogg123 /Users/angelo/Documents/SuoniNotifche/jinglebells.ogg

exactly as I make in the terminal.

But, after applying and simulating a successful alligment in Ekos, however I've not solved the problem. I look into the notifications window and I noticed that the command I reported above was automatically modified in the following one:

/Applications/ogg123 /Users/angelo/Documents/SuoniNotifche/jinglebells.ogg

it's weird... This should be the reason because your solution does not work in my system.