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Thanks, that fixed the first problem of FITS not working locally on the PI

The second problem using KStars on my desktop of the sequence freezing up when selecting "NATIVE" file format is still happening. The first image is taken and stored on the PI, but the progress indicator keeps spinning. I also upgraded KStars using your installation instructions so it's up to date (2.9.3). Even a sequence of '1' picture doesn't seem to complete. Is it a problem of KStars not being able to open up a local viewer of the cr2 file? Preview and Live Video are working fine and as I said before FITS is fine.

David Cabernel created a new topic ' DSLR Native Image format' in the forum. 9 months ago

Just started the transition from using a Windows Laptop and ASCOM drivers/applications to control my HEQ5 mount and Canon DSLR cameras to a Raspberry PI with an Astroberry install. So far successful in controlling the mount through KStars and Stelarium and some success with the cameras. I've done this both running KStars/Ekos locally on the PI and remotely using Ubuntu 16.04

I've created a sequence to take 5 0.050 sec images and store them to the PI's filesystem using a Canon T2i. I seem to have opposite problems locally/remotely....

KStars locally using Webserver interface Version 2.9.3

Works fine for 'Native' files, but not for FITS. The first picture is taken and displayed in the FITS Viewer but then freezes. Progress indicator is just spinning and shows 1 of 5 completed. INDI Control Panel shows the errors "Exposure failed to parse raw image" and "Cannot convert /tmp/.... Unsufficent Memory". The file does get saved.

KStars remotely on Ubuntu Version 2.4.0

Works fine for FITS files, but not for 'Native' file format of "RAW" or "JPEG". The first picture is taken, and stored. However in Ekos the sequence freezes ("Downloading" keeps spinning in the Progress Bar and "Capturing image..." appears in the log. In the INDI Control Panel "Image saved to /home/astroberry/Pictures/Ekos_Captures/Light_010.JPG " appears so at least it knows it's done.

I'm not sure which way I'll end up working Locally or Remote but neither is working quite right now. Any suggestions?



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