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While tutorial_two example driver is running top Linux utility shows as much as 95% CPU occupation !

We have nearly achieved development phase of our INDI driver based on above example.
It will soon enter into validation phase.
La Villette Radioelescope is a thirty years old object and mechanics have suffered from time erosion. It is a 10 m dish initially built for Galaxy atomic hydrogen 1420 MHz listening.

Our driver was developped after tutorial_two example. It is now able to perform GoTo at low and high speed and compensate for Earth motion, following INDI clients Stellarium and Skycharts requirements.

Driver is running on a RaspBerry Pi connected to an interface card via /dev/USB0 driving antenna motors electronic control interface.

As shown by Linux "top" utility, indiserver is using less than 1% CPU whereas tutorial_two is using up to 95 %CPU time even when not performing any task. So does our own driver.

However we found a very simple solution that corrected this situation and now our driver is only using 0.6 to 1% of CPU even when performing a GoTo asked by client Skycharts.




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