emmanuel replied to the topic 'Astrophysics AP1100 - Starting From Park and Parking' in the forum. 6 months ago

I am facing a similar issue. The "park from" position is correctly computed by the driver (ap experimental) but ekos reports another position.

The last ppa version from today did not improve the situation. The position in ekos is still not matching the park position coming from the driver but now, it changes at each connection/disconnection of the mount.
the mount is parked on P2, the driver is set to "Unpark from P2"
log at connection:
2018-05-08T19:27:34: [INFO] Site location updated to Lat 48:00:00 - Long 6:00:00
2018-05-08T19:27:34: [INFO] Mount is unparked.
2018-05-08T19:27:34: [INFO] calcParkPosition: parkPos=2 parkAlt=0.000000 parkAz=90.000000
2018-05-08T19:27:34: [INFO] Computing PARK2 position...
2018-05-08T19:27:34: [INFO] Mount is initialized.

Ekos reports: Az:143:07:14 Alt:35:46:52
disconnect then connect the mount

2018-05-08T19:30:57: [INFO] Site location updated to Lat 48:00:00 - Long 6:00:00
2018-05-08T19:30:57: [INFO] Mount is unparked.
2018-05-08T19:30:57: [INFO] calcParkPosition: parkPos=2 parkAlt=0.000000 parkAz=90.000000
2018-05-08T19:30:57: [INFO] Computing PARK2 position...
2018-05-08T19:30:57: [INFO] Mount is initialized.
2018-05-08T19:30:57: [INFO] Time updated.

Ekos.: Az:270:22:50 Alt:00:00:52
disconnect / reconnect would restart at Az:140...

I did several test with other park position, same result.



emmanuel replied to the topic 'Astrophysics Updates' in the forum. 6 months ago

Anyway, I still have issue with any park position. As preamble, everything works properly with the win+ascom conf. On rpi3 with latest kstars + indi lib, gtocp4 V.11, on the ap_exp driver.
For example, I select "park from P2", The log says

2018-05-07T15:46:40: [INFO] Site location updated to Lat 49:08:00 - Long 6:10:00
2018-05-07T15:46:40: [INFO] Mount is unparked.
2018-05-07T15:46:40: [INFO] calcParkPosition: parkPos=2 parkAlt=0.000000 parkAz=90.000000
2018-05-07T15:46:40: [INFO] Computing PARK2 position...

but kstars reports the mount on Az:0, Alt:-40:51:08. This is the same as for any park position I select, the driver reports correct alt/az but kstars reports the mount on some other position. I have double checked time and gps position. but I do not understand what's happening.


emmanuel replied to the topic 'Astrophysics Updates' in the forum. 6 months ago

Yes, I did. It works. Except for the Park 3 position, the azimuth for park 3 is still 0 in the northern hemisphere.



emmanuel replied to the topic 'Align tab doesn't compute FOV anymore' in the forum. 7 months ago

The astrometry indeed fills the fov.
But once it is entered manually or retrieved from the astrometry, it is not modifiable anymore.
I would expect a mean to correct a wrong manual input. Something more user friendly than diving in the database. I did entered it manually yesterday and I felt stuck not being able to correct my mistake.



emmanuel created a new topic ' AP experimental' in the forum. 7 months ago


My name is Emmanuel and I am new on this forum.

While setting up my installation, I've encountered a problem with the park position 3 and the experimental AP driver.
When using the park position 3, the park / unpark cycle does not work properly. The unpark from p3 is OK, but during the park to P3, the mount slews to some position it fails to reach because the travel is going through altitude below 0... This has to do with the Azimuth set to 0:00:00. if I set the same Az value than the one used by the ascom driver (359:59:50) it works flawlessly with the indi driver. the park/unpark works as expected. I can reproduce the problem without indi using the bookmark feature of the ascom driver. I reported this subject to AP support which basically says it is normal...

Before to submit a pull request that would prevent the default to be set to az:0:0:0, I'd like to know if anyone has encountered this problem and if we can consider the ascom workaround as an acceptable way to go.




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