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Anybody with any ideas, things to try?

In INDI controll Panel, Telescope -> Motion Control tab - every field shows 0 (zero) with exception to Guiding Rate of 0.3
Guide N/S E/W all show 0ms.

Any help is appreciated.

Here are the logs again:

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File Name: failedcalibrationviaZWO_2018-05-14.txt
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File Name: guidingviaCEM25_2018-05-14.txt
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Andrew created a new topic ' Guiding with ZWO 120mm-s and CEM25' in the forum. 5 months ago


Can somebody take a quick look at my logs and maybe see where is my guiding problem.
I did try for days and hours to get this working without secures .
Finally had a clear sky last night and collected a logs.

I was able to complete calibration guiding via CEM25.
When I try to do via ST4, my pulse_length are 7000 and never change (I changed from default 5000 ->7000) when I wasn't getting anywhere.

Attaching 2 logs

Thanks for any help or suggestions you would have.
no, I did not try PHD2 yet. I really would like to keep all within EKOS.



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