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pug916 wrote: I’ve got a StellarMate too, where did you download the latest firmware from? I wouldn’t mind having a more recent version handy just in case.

I ran into this a few weeks ago. On the Stellarmate site click the sign in button, enter your username and password then click products , then orders and you should see a link to the image.


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Beautiful setup and image, well done!


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What lens is attached to the Canon in the pictures? Lovely image too!


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I started with and still use occasionally a RPi 3B with the stellarmate OS. Later I bought a NanoPC-T4 which has 4 G ram USB 3.0 and an M.2 slot to which I have a 240G nvme drive connected. It runs on 12v 2a which as has been mentioned in the thread is very convenient, no buck converter or big battery needed. I run the complete system from two small talentcell batteries.
Recently I bought an A5X Max Tv box ($47) flashed it with Armbian ubuntu 18.04 and it works fine, has 4G ram and USB 3.0. It does however require 5v 2.5 amps so I need to use a converter.


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I'm using Armbian 18.04 that is available on the Friendlyelec site under 3rd rom. I'm running it on the emmc but you could burn it to a spare sd card to see if it helps your problem.