I also have an M-Zero OBS mount, with the polar alignment motors, and you can't use any of the indi supported drivers with them to perform PAA alt-az adjustment as they are not motors used in the sense of an alt-az driven mount (or eq driven mount) unfortunately.

I ended up building my own Teensy and TMC2209 based stepper controller with up/down/east/west buttons for those motors to perform the polar alignment adjustments as I did not like using the Avalon StarGo controller to do that through their hand controller, as it is cumbersome. I also ideally wanted to automate the PAA adjustment by taking the alt and az error values from the EKOS PAA routine and feeding them to a python script that would make the appropriate corrections to the mount elevation (latitude) and azimuth. Unfortunately again, from what I understand, those error values are not available outside EKOS, either through indilib or other mechanism. What I ended up doing then is get a 433Mhz remote (Amazon) with 4 relays and I connected the relays in parallel with the buttons of my stepper controller, that now allows me to perform the PAA routine from the comfort of my home, my observatory being a short distance outside.

You may want to look into a similar solution but I will follow this thread as any different idea may be interesting to consider.

Hope this helps,