OK. Nice to know.

By the way can it be related to camera driver or am I missing some settings. As usually subtracting dark frame resulting photo should become more contrast and in general darker as noise is removed. But in Alignment module ticking Dark frame checkbox results in a bright pixel mess (like gain and contrast was put put to max) or there are almost no improvement although dark frame in the FITS viewer clearly shows bunch of hot pixels.



After yesterday's series of squatting exercises in the cold of the night, while covering guiding camera and removing cover I have though are there any easier way to do that? There were also issues with capturing and resolving stars, however I cannot yet say what exactly was wrong and how to formulate the issue when after switching cameras and trying to do polar align, EKOS stopped resolving. So i will retry and try to make some debug data.

Now returning to darks. As my ZWO cameras does not have a shutter, I would prefer to automate building a dark library so I can remotely connect to a laptop, running EKOS outside, while I am sitting at home. I have tried to do that by setting an image capture session with all possible exposure duration, gain, binning values with camera cap on and use those darks in the EKOS library. But simply uploading the dark files to dark library location does not seem to be working.

Are there any other way than just manually ticking dark in Alignment module and then try to capture manually bunch of images with closed camera cap and clicking though the pop up dialogs? This seems to be working, but it does not look the way it should be. PHD2 seems to have an option to build Dark library by by taking series of shots.




this is some of the first attempts to use Ekos so I might have missed some checkboxes... Capture hardware: ASI 120MM as a guide camera attached and ASI 178MC as main camera.

Action sequence:
0. I have setup profile with cameras defined as ZWO CCD and mount as EQMod Mount
1. Start INDI and connect. So far so good.
2. Select Align module and choose my guide camera. "Dark" checkbox is checked.
3. Click Capture and Solve. Ekos asks me i my camera has a shutter, I answer no as it does not (or does it?). Then I am greeted with second dialog, prompting me to cover the scope to take the dark frame. As this new run and I do not have any dark frames yet in my library, I think this is normal. I click next and Ekos captures dark frame and without prompting captures normal frame and tries to solve it.

1. Scope is still covered and Ekos tries to solve only noise.
2. I am greeted with FITS Viewer window showing noise. Is that supposed to be the dark frame or what? What am I supposed to to with that? I would expect dark frame would silently saved to library.

Thank you


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