Hello Camiel,

Well, it's time for the most sheepish look I can muster. :oops:

It turns out that the -1 bug was not in the controller at all, but rather
in the driver code. I was doing a lazy thing, and taking the output
that was being logged to the INDI driver page as *the* output.
It turns out that the command actually being sent to the controller
was formatted incorrectly, which I discovered as I rolled up my
sleeves to do a lot more work...it was actually just a couple of
lines to change.

Then the great news is: the problem is fixed! (I sincerely hope).
It only remains for an expert such as yourself to try the attached
code, and let me know the results.

Now I will have to send my apologies to Andras Dan at GTD!

Very very grateful for your consistent input, and most thorough