Thanks, this looks really promising. I have read the threads you suggested.  I have copied the full set of scripts to /usr/share/indi/scripts/   ran sudo chmod +x *.*To test I left all the scripts at their default "Empty" values except park, where I added the lines: 
print "Shutting   Roof ..."
Just to see if it runs.
I then created a simple Indi Ekos profile with the dome scripting gateway. When I ran it, the control panel shows the full set of scripts but the gateway would not connect with the error "2021-04-15T09:28:37: [WARNING] Failed to connect "
I looked at your script for which contains a USB connect routine, but I assume I can leave it empty, or does it need something to connect to?
I switched on the log files, but the directory is empty.

Getting there, grateful for the help.