Just set up my new CEM120 all seems fine, can track, park, goto, platesolve and goto etc.   But when pointing south and tracking across the Meridian the mount stops tracking at 180 deg and goes idle.  If I do a GOTO say to 190 deg target, it does a nice Meridian flip.  (pretty scarry with 35 kilos of gear.)   I want the ability to track to around 190 degrees before flipping or stopping.  From the Ioptron manual I can use the handset :  

  • “Set Position Limit” will tell the mount when to stop tracking or to do a meridian flip. The limit can be set at from 0° to 14° (1 hour) pass meridian.
  •  “Set Behavior” will tell the mount if a meridian flip will be performed.
Can I do this from EKOS or do I need to do it from the handset and if I do it using the handset will that limit apply?   I assume I need it to go a little way past so I can set the flip hour angle in EKOS.

Is that correct or have I missed a setting equivalent to  Ioptrons "Set Position Limit"

Thanks, Max