Avocette wrote:

xsnrg wrote: @wornish, yes I see it was others having problems with ports and devices after the apt upgrade, not yourself. If the kstars packages had not been updated yet, it would be the OS changes, not the kstars package, that introduced differences. A bit of leapfrog going on between the OS and kstars. Your recompile seems to make everything work well together again, so hopefully when the new packages are released, they will also work well with the latest OS updates.

The USB problems are still present in the very latest OS upgrade I carried out today, and upgrading to KStars 3.5.0 has no significant effect on this. So whereas the fallback of a clean installation of the Astroberry 2.0.2 image ported to an SSD works well, and lists 14 USB devices under lsusb, the latest RPi OS with KStars 3.5.0 doesn't list any of the USB2.0 devices connected to the USB3.0 powered hub, nor via the USB2.0 hub built into the ASI533MC camera.

I just tried mine again running KStars 3.5 all my USB connections are working fine. EKOS connects to all my gear with no errors.

It is very strange that all is well with the earlier version of Kstars. I did a completely fresh install of RPi OS and then the latest Astroberry before doing the compile for Kstars. Its a pain having to redo all the settings but it was worth it.
I would have thought if it was an Astroberry or a Kstars issue this forum would be full of people raising concerns.