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I don't understand the 2nd bit, is dome 2 established already as a device but not 'connected'? you can disconnect any device and connect them in INDI control panel. But perhaps I'm missing something here.

I start kstars, I have a profile labelled 'dome 1' in ekos. When I click on the 'start indi' button, it connects to the computer named 'dome1', and that has an indi server running, with drivers for the EQ8, the ST10, focusser, the dome itself etc. Once I have hit the 'start indi' button (which I believe should be 'connect' not start, it's been running for a long time already on the remote computer), then the converse, the 'stop' to make it disconnect from the indiserver in dome1 is greyed out until I hit the 'disconnect devices', which then sends a 'connect=off' to all the devices out there, which I do NOT want, there are still other programs connected and running against those devices.

Now I want to look at what is in the other observatory. I cant 'disconnect' from the indi server in 'dome1' without causing all the devices to be disconnected from the server, before I can select the other profile and connect to 'dome2', which is a completely different computer, running a whole different set of devices, in a physically separate dome.

I think we should be able to disconnect from one remote indi server, and connect to another, WITHOUT shutting everything down on the first one.