Well to my surprise, running via VLC (or equivalent) seems to have made a large difference, no timouts on a 12 hour run.

Yes I have tried, cheap cables, posh cables, USB2, USB3, Hub, no Hub, Camera Hub....

So if it keeps working I think the transfer of Main camera image which takes 20sec, is blocking the guide camera download, causing a time out then hanging the driver. Running locally on the mini pc reduces the main down load to 2 seconds.

TIme will tell,

Anyway off to dark skies next week and I hope it keeps working.

On a different tack, My new Altair GP130MM backup plan isn't working with INDI/EKOS, black images. But that's another adventure.


For Information.

I reduced the guide camera to 8 bit, It improved the reliabilty but still times out and hangs up.

I have ordered an Altair Astro guide camera with similar pixel size to eliminate the ASI driver issue.

My lodestar works fine but has a large pixel scale with my intended guide scope.

I will try a monitor/keyboard/mouse out at the scope for elimiation but not too optimistic.



Sorry, cant seem to be able to quote above.

Thanks Astromuni, VNC may be worth a try.

Thanks Alan, 8 bit is an obvious solution, althought not to me at the time, I wil try that now.




I use Kstars etc on a laptop connected to a remote indiserver on a mini PC on the mount.
All on Ubuntu with latest ap-get versions)

Up till now always with ASI imaging and SX guide camera.

Having down sized my portable setup scopes with 2 ASI cameras, ASI2600MM and ASI220MM, i get guide camera time outs which then hang up guiding.
it can last minutes or hours between failures.

I have tried all combinations of direct UBB cable to PC and guider on camera internal hub etc.. No difference.

I wanted to try the single instance driver but can't figure out the correct way to use it with a remote server.

Loading indi_asi_ccd on the remote PC and asi CCD on laptop works but times out.
Loading indi_asi_ccd on the remote PC and asi Camera1 and 2 on laptop works but times out.
Loading one indi_asi_single_ccd on the remote PC and Camera1 and 2 does not connect to 2 cameras.
Loading two indi_asi_single_ccd on the remote PC and Camera1 and 2 does not connect to 2 cameras.

Any suggestions to work round the camera timeout would be very welcome.

(I have tried reducing the bandwidth but it just resets itself to the default after a few minutes.)
(Going back to the SX guider give me a huge image scale)



Just done an update - upgrade and I know have SX-ccd and ASI-focuser back, so I am up and running for tonight.

Many button icons are missing from ekos though but I can manage with that.

UBUNTU 20.4 AMD 64.

Many thanks to knro and the rest of the team.


John replied to the topic 'Meridian flip not working consistently' in the forum. 3 years ago

In the past I only managed an auto flip about 40-60% precent of the time. So I always set an alarm to wake me up so I can watch it. Every time it fails there is a different sequence. (no flip or says it flipped but did not or flips then solves the wrong way.....)

Anyway my last "FIX" was to clear ALL alignment and sync settings and turn off ALL sync and align functions in EKOS, there are 3 tabs under EQMOD-EKOS. This is not remembered by EKOS so needs doing after every restart.

It now works about 90% of the time.

I have never had a flip work near the zenith.

I will look into mount settings mentioned above to see if I can get nearer to 100%.

(This is all on SW EQ5, 6 and 8)


Hi , just for info.
(Posted else where as well)
indi_sx_ccd NOT working
indi_asi_focuser NOT working

Indi_asi_ccd OK
Indi_sqm OK
Indi_eqmod OK
indi_sx_wheel OK

Ubuntu apt-get version on amd 64bit


Just for info.
Still not working.
Ubuntu apt-get upgrage pulled in:
Setting up libindi-data (1.9.0~202104281314~ubuntu20.04.1) ...
Setting up indi-bin (1.9.0~202104281314~ubuntu20.04.1) ...
Setting up libindi1:amd64 (1.9.0~202104281314~ubuntu20.04.1) ...

But still have problem.

I think I will try and remove/install them again, see what happens.


I also tried remove purge clean etc but still no joy.


Also upgraded ram 4 to 8gb, just in case but no better.


For what it is worth, I have same problem with indi_sx-ccd (lodestar) and indi_asi_focuser (zwo eaf)

ubuntu apt-get versions.

I did an upgrade on ubuntu 18, then a dist upgrade to ubuntu 20. Then they stopped working.

Lsusb shows up both devices, kstars/ekos says they need plugging in. Connects ok from command line indisefver.

Can't see much in logs. Other than the devices are not connected.

Amd based laptop.


Hi, I think I need some help with this one.

3 Questions.

I have done mods to make the video capture take a sequence of videos also select a list of filters. However I can't find a way of triggering a filter change,

I am trying not to make large re-write mods but I am in the Object Oriented trap of doing mods in the wrong place.

We have capture-->>CCD-->>Stream -->>VideoOptions and I have been modifying Video options mainly.

I need to get a filter e=request back to capture but privacy issues ar blocking me.
For some reason QT signals are not working for me.

1) Does anyone have any suggestions how to trigger a filter change?

2) Can someone point me on how to submit my mods for testing/merging?

3) Would it be daft to clone the Capture module and write a Video Capture Module?

(There was a business man walking through farming country, hes stopped to ask a local farmer for directions, the farmer replied "Well, I wouldn't start from here".)