From looking at that log you included, I'm not worried by the line you highlighted in red. It's just saying is that the capture module is ignoring the image captured, which is what it should do since the image was requested by Align. In fact, the very next line shows that Align processed the image.

However, it's not working, and from my reading of that log segment, it seems like StellarSolver is continually failing to solve the image. It takes another image and another image and keeps trying but it can never solve the image. It never aborted totally because you weren't using the scheduler, as far I can tell.

So, you main question should be "why did the solver fail (over and over)"? I can't answer that. Perhaps you should check the box in "Developer Options" to save align images, and then if this ever happens again you and I can look at the align images and see if it gives us any clues.

I assume that normally align does succeed to solve your images.