Phil:  You asked several questions:

Re missing parameters: I assume you mean at least aggressiveness and min/max move for RA and DEC. In the version of KStars that you're using, those parameters can b found by looking on the main guider page, there are some tabs on the right side of the page and one is called control, click that. In version 3.5.5 that tab was moved to the same menu that you were looking at.

Re making a plot of mount movement without any guiding: the way to do that in Ekos is to "guide" but disable the guide pulses for both RA and DEC. That's on the main guiding page--the line on the left that says "Directions"--just uncheck both RA and DEC. Remember to re-check them when you're done.

To force a calibration: you can click on the garbage can to the right of the guide button which will clear the calibration. Then, after you press Guide it should calibrate before guiding. Depending on your settings, Ekos may try and reuse calibrations, or it may re-calibrate after each mount slew, so this garbage can press might not be needed.