Just made the changes and it works. A thumbs up is not enough thanks!

So thank you very much, at least if the clouds ever go away again I am ready!


I have have tried the test program and that also fails at the same point with GetQHYCCDSingleFrame error (-1).

Can anyone point me to the "old" QHY libraries so I can replace these new ones?
It's clear tonight and I would. love to get some images.



I upgraded to 1.8.8 today and now the guider is not longer working.
I am using the QHY CCD driver. When I try and capture I get a timeout error. The camera gives a "GetQHYCCDSingleFrame error (-1)" error.

Any idea's? It worked fine yesterday.




I hope this might help someone and maybe someone out there can explain why this seems to work.

I had followed the guid for persistent port mapping as described in indilib.org/support/tutorials/157-persis...al-port-mapping.html
I have an EQMod mount and couple of Pegasus devices and a Senso Sesto focusser.
This all worked fine for many months until one evening I had to re-boot the Pi (running on a Pi4). After the reboot I could not get my Pegasus PPB or Pegasus Focuser to connect.
I double checked everything but I could still not get it work. The EQMod was still working.
I noticed that the entries I had created in the rules file for the Pegasus devices started with SUBSYSTEMS=="usb" but the entry for the EQMod mount started with SUBSYSTEM=="tty" (so now SUBSYSTEM instead of SUBSYSTEMS and tty instead of usb).
I changed the pegasus entries to use SUBSYSTEM=="tty".
Now everything is working fine again. I also added my Senso Sesto focusser using SUBSYSTEM=="tty" and that works too.

Not sure why everything worked in the first instance and then during one evening stopped and I am not really sure why the change I made fixed the problem.

Anyway I am now very happy that all is stable again. Anyone know why?


Jasem posted this on the first page of this thread:
sudo rpi-update e1050e94821a70b2e4c72b318d6c6c968552e9a2

Worked perfectly for me.


Rishi Garrod replied to the topic 'Focuser for a Celestron C8' in the forum. 6 months ago

I have the Pegasus Cube on my Edge 8HD. Very happy with it.


Last night I had to position my mount slightly further away from the house which meant that my wifi connection from my laptop running Kstars and INDI on the Pi was not strong.
I lost connection a few times and focussing was impossible (too long required for the download).

I had an old Airport Express (mini router/Access point) which I have now connected directly to the Pi with a cable. Seems to have solved my wireless woes.
I think the Pi wireless access point is very weak and only really seems to work if you are within a couple of metres.