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Trying to get kstars working tonight, it's really nice out :)

I can't seem to get any solving to work, on the alignment tab. I have every index file recommended downloaded. If I manually upload my fits file to astrometry online, it can fine it just fine: nova.astrometry.net/user_images/5420089#annotated

If I try to use the online solver instead, it still fails. The online solver says it used index-4207, which I have downloaded.

I'm on fedora with kstars/indi from git, since the fedora kstars is really outdated. Any help would be great!

Attaching my log file.


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Thanks, I will have to borrow a windows pc and I will get back to you.


Thanks Jasem, good to know


I just signed up - and my password was sent to my email ... plain text. I can't believe it. Hashing passwords is so easy to do...

Please fix this! The internet doesn't need more stolen information.


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Hi, I have been excited to use ekos for a long time and am finally here. My orion atlas eq-g (I bought it used, i've never used it before) seems to not be working properly. I would like some help figuring out my problem.

I first used a usb to db9 and the db9 to rj12 connect my pc to the Synscan v3 hand controller. But I can't connect, theres a timeout error.

I bought an eqdir cable from someone on cloudynights because I thought maybe my handcontroller was bad. But with that cable connected from my pc (usb) to mount (db9), I still get:

EQMod Mount : "[ERROR] Error: Communication failed -> tty read failed, check connection: Timeout error "

in ekos. My two zwo cameras connect just fine and automatically with indi (very nice!).

Here is the device from lsusb:
Bus 001 Device 021: ID 0403:6001 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232 Serial (UART) IC
In my kernel log I can see it being connected to /dev/ttyUSB0, and that's what the driver setting is set to in the indi panel.

I have a multimeter and I can check voltage on pins of the db9 side of the eqdir cable if someone tells me what to check and when, if that'll help me diagnose my problem.

Please let me know if there's ANY more information I can give - I am missing all the clear nights :(