Is use Windi to wrap the g3's ascom driver. I am on the latest version of kstars... I am looking to go wireless and not have a USB to the laptop hopefully at all. The Orion 3g is the last step.



So I have got my Stellarmate all setup ok on my Raspberry PI. I have also setup a WINDI server on my laptop with the Orion Starshoot G3 driver added (.

I can start the remote driver ok on my laptop's EKOS in Kstars which points to my stellarmate and to the WINDI server.

My question is where should the Orion Starshoot G3 USB be plugged into - The Raspberry PI running Stellarmate or the Windows Laptop running the WINDI Server.

I can see the driver in EKOS but cannot assign it to a CCD for capturing... Any ideas?

Kind regards

Andy Tyrer