Hi people, I need help!
Since some INDI updates, the Dome Scripting Gateway driver no longer works.
I am running a logic control on an ESP32 board that receives some commands from HTTP requests (POST commands) to park/unlock and open/close the dust cover.
But now the driver won't connect and I get this error:

INFO 0.006532 sec : Session log file /home/stellarmate/.indi/logs/2022-04-02/indi_script_dome/indi_script_dome_18:23:16.log
DEBUG 2.614496 sec : execvp('/usr/share/indi/scripts/connect.py', 'connect.py', nullptr)
ERROR 2.616194 sec : Failed to execute script

I'm not a python expert and I can't run the scripts.

Any help would be appreciated.

Attached is my coonect.py script