In your instructions above you said to set the subnet to '24'. What should it be?

Bob Redding


Got it working. Appreciate the help!


Thanks for your help Rlancaste but I'm still confused.

So I should run Indi server on the Stellarmate and run KStars on my Mac?

How do I do that? Should I use the "Stellarmate Web Manager to start the server?

And on the Mac, how do I set the parameters in the profile? See attached.

If I do the above (start Indi with Web Manager and use this profile in KStars on the Mac) it doesn't work. Nothing connects.


The equipment is plugged into the Stellarmate. The Mac and the SM are both on the same wifi network. I'm running KStars on the Mac. From watching the videos on youtube I thought this should work. Why would I connect the equipment to the Mac? The idea is to have the Mac inside with me and the SM outside on the scope and the equipment.


I'm relatively new to Stellarmate but thought I had it figured out. But I have the following problem. I can connect to SM from my Macbook Pro over my home wifi. No problem. I can browse to the SM interface, etc. I connect all of my equipment (ZWO 1600, Moonlight, filter wheel, SX Lodestar). When I run KStars on the SM everything seems fine. Indi starts, equipment connects.

But if I just change the profile to run local, and start KStars on my Mac, Indi server starts but none of the equipment will connect.

I thought I had this working before but I may have been confused about where I was running KStars. I've read that its much faster to fun on the laptop instead of on the Pi.

Any ideas?



I see similar behavior with my 1600 and stellarmate. On many images, but not all, when I click stretch, the image goes from a pretty normal looking sub to a completely white screen. What's going on?