Jamie created a new topic ' Ekos Alignment functions greyed out' in the forum. 4 years ago

Hi all,
Just hoping to get a little help as I feel I am doing something wrong.

I have a scenario where I wish to use a tripod only (doing time lapse photography not tracking) and my Canon DSLR and I would like the ability to plate solve an image to allow Kstars to show what I am pointing at time of plate solve and then allow Kstars to have sky move whilst my camera remains stationary.

I am operating via remote mode (hot spot).
I have setup a profile with a canon DSLR as the CCD, Astrometry in AUX1 and GPSD under AUX2.
This profile will connect and I can operate the camera to capture and download images.
When I go to the alignment tab, all functionality is greyed out, see attached image of alignment tab.
I am just wondering what I am missing.

Kind regards,