Hi All,
I have only recently started trying out Ekos, in particular in conjunction with a StellarMate operating as a remote Hot spot. My main setup is EQMOD / ASCOM based.

Something I really like about EQMOD is whilst the system is parked, you cannot mistakenly think it is not. The position readout flashes in bold "PARKED".
I inadvertently spent several hours looking for a problem that did not exist the other day. I appreciate there are indicators to show system is parked, but you cannot miss big capital flashing letters. Such a simple thing can save so much time worrying.
I am sure everyone has tried to move their mount when still in park. The Ekos old hats, I am sure fall for this very infrequent if at all. But as a newbie to the application, you are thinking about so many other things going on that if it is not blaring at you in the face you are likely to miss the simple problems and mistake it for something bigger.
Just a suggestion.