Hello Tom
I am sure it is most likely me that is misunderstanding how the Stellarmate(RPi) is meant to work as a server or still have not done something correctly loaded.
The way I run my system is:
1. I connect all my equipment to the StellarMate(RPi).
2. I run KStart/Ekos on my Mac
3. I set up a profile in "Remote" to the appropriate StellarMate(RPi) IP address.
4. Select all the devices/drivers that I have connected to the StellarMate(RPi). 
5. I start the profile that connects to the RPi via ethernet, either direct cable or wifi on my LAN network.
I do not see the RollOff ino as an option to be selected from any of the drop downs on the Mac.
In thinking about your response I tried something different to set up a profile, using the wizard.
I set profile this way and was able to see the driver and run the profile and I was able to see the RollOff ino in the Indi Control Panel.
However I did a stupid thing and accidentily deleted that profile and now I cannot repeat what I did.
Do you know a different way I should be doing this so I can see all the drivers on the StellarMate(RPi)