Tim replied to the topic 'Can not use Darks Library' in the forum. 9 months ago

alacant wrote:

attempts the process repeatedly

BUT are we sure we want to do that anyway? Subtracting a <em>single</em> dark frames introduces <em>more</em> noise. With SEP I think that unless we want to go phd2 style and make a master dark from several single frames, this feature is redundant.

Just to be clear, you're suggesting NOT using darks at all with SEP? I usually let me session run while I sleep if the weather looks good. I will occasionally get in incomplete session because the temp changed enough to trigger EKOS to ask for a new dark for my guide camera. I know I can change the temperature threshold from the default of 1 C to mitigate this, but it isn't a problem often enough, and I have a decent dark library. Thanks.