Hi Rob,

Ok, I can confirm that ekos on MAC for nStep is broken.

A port scan returns either (depending on the type of nStep)

The first issue is there are two enumerations in /dev
/dev/tty.* and /dev/cu.*

The /dev/tty.* is the connection point

But even when I force set the port to /dev/tty type I get a yellow when pressing Connect but no errors display

I have tried the above with both enumerations (tty.USBMODEM and tty.SLAB_USBtoUART)

Now I believe the port scan is deep inside indi and not the particular nStep driver, how does INDI for other devices enumerate USB 'serial' tty ports on MAC? How is the CU scanned versus the TTY?

Also, how can the baud rate be selected for these types of devices?
For the nStep, the tty.usbmodem type takes just about anything but the SLAB enumeration requires 9600 baud.