I'm new to EKOS/INDI and have been thoroughly enjoying it with my AstroBerry configuration out at the scope, while I sit comfortably inside the house.

When I set up for the evening, I do a lot of my work on the laptop - close to the scope. However, once its set up, I like to transition to my iMac desktop.

Are there recommendations on synchronizing the configuration between two locations (iMac/Macbook)?

I tried a symlink in the ~/Library/Application Support/kstars folder to a common dropbox folder, but kstars does not appear to follow the sym link.

When I initially started using EKOS/INDI with the AstroBerry, my assumption was that all the configuration would be stored on it because its connected directly to the scope, but INDI appears to network well enough that I guess that doesn't matter.

Thanks for any suggestions!