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Hey thanks for the reply

I have edited /etc/default/gpsd

Many times now and pretty much giving it the same info you listed other than the device as ttyS0 or serial0

I don't know what is wrong gpsd just cannot start the gps module it seems.



Could you detail a little what your solution is?

I am using a pi zero (soldered header) with a waveshare gprs hat

I cannot for the life of me get gpsd to work and give a response.


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attached file for debugging info

Background info.

I have a pi zero with soldered header and i am using a waveshare gprs/gps hat plugged into the header using jumper B which allows interface with the board.

I can run minicom -D /dev/ttyS0 and issue AT commands and get a GPS fix.

However the issue lies with gpsmon i just cannot get it to retrieve data.

Anything i have got wrong?

Thank you.


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