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Yeah first thing I checked was if there were any filter locks checked, there were none on any filter.


Hey John, great work on all that you do for us!

I have an issue that just came up on the latest build: 2023-11-17T09:38:40Z running on Ubuntu.

2 Issues:

During the Meridian flip, the camera module continues to capture, even if status shows slewing (During the flip) the capture module does not stop during the flip.

The other issue is if K-Stars uses the L Filter to do the align, when it does the Focus run, the filter stays on L (It was on the correct filter before the flip). I believe there is no logic in the program to let the focus module know the filter was changed during the alignment proceedure.

It focuses using the L filter instead of the capture filter, in this case "B".


Sonny Cavazos replied to the topic 'Omegon Pro / Touptek drivers' in the forum. 2 months ago

Updated drivers awaiting commit on the bleeding build. Should address those issues.


Still occurring in the latest build.

It's like KStars lost the check filter autofocus somewhere along the lines.


No, it's not the KDE heap manager, it's the Windows heap manager that calls the close.

I believe there is a bug in the KDE environment, don't know when it will get resolved. Crashes still happen on my Windows 11 box.


I have noticed that my filters will not auto focus when changed. This is using the latest bleeding kstars on Ubuntu 22.04. Filters are QHY attached to a QHY268M.

I have checked the auto box on the filter manager, however I have noticed when the filters change, they do not execute a focus.


Yes, camera and guider work well. Ran all night and got this:

Impressed with the Duo, worked well even through an Optolong L-Ultimate filter, however I did have to do 3 second guide exposures.

It has a knob to adjust focus of the guider chip:

Seems to be very solid and works well. Next I will try it with my 10" Meade ACF on a Galaxy and see how it performs with a Long focal length telescope.

Telescope: StellarVue 102 Raptor
Filter - Optolong L-Ultimate
Camera / Guider - ZWO 2600 Duo
Mount - CEM120EC
40 x 200sec exposures


Got my 2600 Duo, and it works just fine.

Using the latest bleeding version on Ubuntu.

No issues at all. The ASI220 also shows up no issues.

Gonna use it tonight in fact.


Looks fantastic!