Nice! Really great performance out of your RIG. I see you are doing OAG, and it looks really great!

The other night I was guiding at .3 - .4 with lots of turbulence in the upper atmosphere. I am thinking of putting in an IR only filter to see if I can get better results. But like I said, I think it's doing great, but I am just wanting less than .4" RMS.


Very cool, yeah I think I am just fighting a non-existent problem. I was thinking I had below average performance, I do typically get .5 - .25 or so, Thanks a lot for the graphics, they do help.


I have both an iOptron CEM120EC and CEM60EC.

I may be expecting too much from mounts based on seeing, I typically get guiding RMS down to .5" - .3"

What is considered good guiding? What is your typical guiding that gets you nice round stars?

I would love to hear everyone's opinion on this.


Well if you update the firmware in the ESATTO, it throws back an error when INDI tries to get info about the current position. The driver continuously re-tries to get the data. You cannot move the focuser in INDI at all.

I believe they changed something in the command structure with the new ESATTO firmware as it now has a backlash function built into the firmware.

I asked primalucelabs to send me the command set to see what's going on with it.


Do not upgrade your focuser to the latest firmware, as that will break compatibility with KStars - EKOS.


ToupCam is no longer working, I think it stopped working two nights ago.

In INDI device manager, Toupcam loads fine and seems to work. If I take an image, it counts down, then resets and reverts to the end of the INDI Device manager list. Looks like driver is resetting. I will capture a log tonight if I can.


Sonny Cavazos created a new topic ' Trains' in the forum. 2 months ago

Since the train bar is so wide, it would be nice to also see what lens/telescope - camera is being used. Looking at the camera module there is no way to know unless you change the name from say primary to Primary - SkyWatcher 190MN - QHY268c.

But since the bar is so big, it might be good to list two primary optical systems in use at that time.

It's no big deal to some, but so others that have multiple setups, it might be helpful.