I am fairly new to Stellarmate so I am still coming to grips with the software.
I have Stellarmate loaded onto a raspberry Pi 3 and am connecting Stellarmate via Kstars.
I have a 10inch Meade LX200AC on an iOptron CEm60 mount, Orion 60mm guidescope and QHY5PII-c for guiding.
My primary imaging capture camera is a Sony A7III. I decided to try out Stellarmate as my aquisition software as it seemed to be the only software that was able to control
Sony cameras.
Currently I am able to connect to the Sony, set an exposure time, ISO and number of frames ok on first startup and Stellarmate is able to execute the sequence of photos correctly.
However, if I then try to change the exposure time or number of frames for another round of images, the settings immediately default back to the original settings as soon as I hit
the execute button.
Is there a step I am missing that makes the new settings stick for the next round of photographs?