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ASI 120 work well with all other feature of Ekos. I have shot a sequence of 100 images of 1 second with image tab. It has worked good. I try to send log file when I try again this night. Thanks.


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At the and of procedure of polar align, I press next, and after chosen a star I started the refresh, but after 2 or 3 image it stalls.
I seen on this forum that is a old bug never solved...(an old pre-covidism era discussion without solution) .. but why there is not the possibility to restart the refresh? The button remain grey. I need to restart entire procedure, slow the mount at the start point and repeat the polar align procedure again, but every time after few images, it stop to refresh.

ASI 120 mm --> usb on Rasp Stellarmate server
OnStep (astromeccanica on Losmandy mount) --> usb on rasp Stellarmate server

Stellarmate --> gigabit cable ethernet on PC HP Z400 win7 with Ekos 3.5.3 running as client

2021-06-10T00:29:26 Refresh is complete.2021-06-10T00:29:26 Capture timed out.2021-06-10T00:29:16 Cannot capture while CCD exposure is in progress. Retrying in 10 seconds...2021-06-10T00:29:16 Image received.


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Who is James? and we can find solution?