Have all the issues connecting Atik cameras and filter wheels been solved? Not for me, and was hoping to get some on what's going on with my setup.

I have the Atik EFW 2.2 that Ekos won't recognize no matter what I do (throws the generic "No Atik filter wheels connected, power on?" message). Here's my setup:

- RPI 4 running latest StellarMate version & latest stable Indi library
- Remote connection to RPI 4 using Mac OS Mojave
- Main CCD is Atik 383l+
- Pegasus focus Cube
- Losmandy G11 gemini 2 mount
- QHY guiding camera with Orion mini 50 scope
- All hardware is powered & connected through UPBv2

Everything is working flawlessly except for the dam Filter wheel. I've tried connecting it directly to RPI4, tried connecting locally by remoting into RPI4 and controlling ekos from there (tried just connecting the filter wheel by itself). I tried every usb port on the UPBv2 and RPI 4, tried different cables and a different power source. Also tried connecting it through Atik's software on a windows laptop and it worked just fine. So frustrating since tonight is a perfectly clear sky and I'm scrambling to get it set up, but will have to just control the filter wheel directly/without StellarMate. So much for automation :-/

Can anyone please help?!! Thanks.