wvreeven wrote: Thanks. It sounds like you'll need a custom INDI driver to be able to use your mount with Ekos. As I said before, it is not possible to use the ST4 port directly from the PI so you will need to find a way to make the Arduino respond to guide command coming from the PI.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to start a new thread for this since we are deviating from the original Astroberry post now quite a lot.

Sorry for the deviation, but thank you for your help.

I will have a think about what options there are and when I can frame a more specific set of questions I will start a new thread.


wvreeven wrote: It is possible to guide by sending guide pulses directly to the mount. In that case both the camera and the mount need to be connected to the PI. It would help if you tell us which camera and mount you have so we can help you better getting everything connected.


My mount is a custom modified EQ-2. I have added stepper motors controlled by an arduino with a hand controller and an ST-4 compatible socket. It gives a nice smooth movement but I would like to add guiding to it now.

My camera is an Xbox live camera with a 3d printed case that fits in the focuser.

Telescope is a Celestron eq130.

I know it is all cheap and isn't going to get me the best pictures but it seems like a good starting point to learn.

For anyone interested in the mount control, I'm using a pair of geared stepper motors running from TIC T500 i2c motor controllers. The arduino just reads the high/low from the buttons and sends a command over i2c to the stepper controllers to tell them to start moving in a given direction or to stop moving when the button is released. The ST-4 socket is the wired in to the buttons via an opto-isolator.


wvreeven wrote: The ST4 connector is meant to connect the guide camera to the mount so it can forward guide pulses to the mount. It requires the guide camera to be connected to the PI using an USB cable.

HTH, Wouter

Unfortunately my camera doesn't have a guide port.

I had been looking at using PHD2 on my laptop and using a USB to ST-4 adaptor but I can't find any information to say that it works on the Pi.

In case it doesn't work I was wondering if there was any other approach, such as opto-isolated GPIO, that would work with Astroberry?


Wow Astroberry looks amazing.

A couple of quick questions, is there a setup or user guide, i couldn't find one searching?

Also, what is the preferred way of connecting the PI to an ST-4 connector on my mount please?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post these questions.