Rafa Barberá replied to the topic 'measure of the background' in the forum. 5 months ago

After playing around with this option on a recent nightly, I think that we have missed the opportunity to create a more versatile tool. Yes, I know that Morelli don't need it because he is only concerned about backgrounds, but the full statistics (min / max / average... etc) will be very useful for other use cases.

For example, we observe a lot of exoplanet light curves. Those events are many hours long, so the atmospheric extinction is an issue: if you start observing when the star is low and then it climbs to almost the zenith during the event, you need to now the exposure values to start with. On those situation it will be very useful to know the max value on a little box around the observed star at the beginning of the session. This way we can adjust our exposure to ensure that it will not saturate on the rest of the night.